Lucious: You think I care about the boy? He going to make me a whole lot of money.
Cookie: Stop it.

Why would you listen to a crack head?


I knew I heard your voice you evil bitch.


You keep squeezing my arm and i'm going to check your damn mouth with my foot.


Cookie: Lucious?
Lucious: Yeah baby.
Cookie: Why did you lie?
Lucious: I didn’t lie about anything.
Cookie: Then what was that video about?

Lucious… who is this lady?


You all sound like a rack of bitches.


Would you like a demotion? I could arrange that.


Cookie: Wait a minute. You know i only got a two bedroom apartment.
Candice: Oh, then you best invest in bunk beds.

Look, whatever it is you came for, Candice, I ain’t got time.


Hey Hakeem, got a verse for me?


Why don't you back off and let me handle boo boo kitty? You can handle that scallop you got coming over later.


Empire Season 2 Quotes

Jamal: You need to go visit that man.
Cookie: Did ya'll bother to tell him that when I was rotting away?

Jamal: Bill Clinton is out there.
Cookie: Yeah, he needs to be if he wants his wife to get elected.