Empire Season 3 Snags Mariah Carey for Guest Spot

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Big news coming out of Empire today!

Mariah Carey will be guest starring in a role that will pair her up with Jussie Smollett. Their voices will be beautiful together, right?

Apparently Fox is lucky to have her back.

M Carey Empire

What are we talking about?

Well, to hear Ms. Carey tell is, her time spent at American Idol three years ago was "the most abusive experience," and she's still talking about it.

Why? Well, reporters brought it up when she was at a panel for E!'s Mariah's World, in which she also shared tidbits about her Sweet Sweet Fantasy concert tour and her personal life.

And she chastised said reporter because he drove her to drink, right there on stage. American Idol must have been rough, you guys.

The good news is it didn't create a black mark for her about Fox, who are welcoming her back, this time to Empire.

Empire, who has an entirely different production crew, so Carey can rest easy. 

On their part, Fox has called Carey "a luminous and enduring talent who enthralled audiences for half of her life." That's a lovely compliment.

In addition, they said "Superstar Mariah Carey – the best-selling female recording artist of all time – will guest-star and perform on Fox’s hit, Empire."

More high and deserving praise for the woman who is going to be seen on our screens quite a bit over the coming year.

Carey's official role was described like this:

Carey will play Kitty, a mega-superstar who comes to Empire to collaborate with Jamal Lyon (Smollett) on an explosive new song.

When the duet encounters obstacles, Kitty helps Jamal dig deep to overcome personal difficulties and reach a musical breakthrough.

Our biggest question is how things will play out when Divas Collide? You know the ones – Cookie and Kitty! Will it be cat-fighting or claws back for the good of Jamal?

Cookie usually does what is best for her sons, so we're betting she's doing what's in his best interests...as long as Kitty falls into that category.

Carey’s appearance airs Wednesday, Oct. 5, and Empire returns on Wednesday, Sept. 21. You can watch Empire online if you need to catch up!

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