Bobby: I was doing you a favor.
Gwen: A favor! A favor. That's what you think this is?
Bobby. Yeah.
Gwen: Don't worry. I won't ask you for any more favors.
Bobby: Are you out of your mind? It's Paddy!

You edited it? You edited my movie without me?


Why do I feel like someone broke into my house, turned over my furniture and shit on my bedspread?


You know, I could really use your help with the first number in Pippin.


I was thinking maybe you could come to the editing room for a few weeks, you know? And maybe you'd see some things that I don't see. I'm feeling a little lost right now.


Bobby: You're gonna hate it.
Gwen: I don't know why you would say that to me.
Bobby: When's the last time you acted?
Gwen: About an hour ago when you walked into the door. How'd I do?

Bobby: Gwen, Gwen Verdon. Come here. Just watch. Just come and watch it with me once through. Come to the editing room.
Gwen: Stop. Get an assistant.
Bobby: I have an assistant. I need you.
Gwen: Where's your German girl?

Bobby: She went back to Munich. She missed her boyfriend.
Gwen: I thought she was the love of your life.
Bobby: You're the love of my life.
Gwen: The next time you want to come over, you need to call first.

Gwen: But they want fun.
Bobby: It is fun. Listen.
It's a song about pain. Bobby, listen to the lyrics.
They're not gonna hear that. They're not gonna hear anything. They'll be too busy lookin' at you, and you'll be smiling so wide, you'll be dancing so magnificently. They'll think it's a musical, but you'll know, and I'll know. That's what we do, isn't it? We take what hurts and we turn it into a big gag, and we're singin' and we're dancin' and the audience, they're yukkin' it up. They're laughin' so hard they don't realize that what they're laughin' at is a person in agony. A person who's peeled off his own skin. I can make this work.

Baim: You have to work things out. You and Bobby the only other couple that Neil and I can stand. Every marriage goes through rough patches.
Gwen: Not yours!
Baim: I threw a frozen veal chop at Neil's head last week.

Gwen, if I didn't think the two of you were a perfect match, I would tell the guy to go take a hike, I promise you. There is a real sense of humor in his work, a real joy, but sophisticated like Chaplin. Like Verdon!


Gwen: You're not gonna cast yourself in this show, are ya?
Bobby: Eh. If they let me. I'd take your part.

Fosse/Verdon Quotes

"Sweet Charity is a movie haunted by the presence of an unseen star -- Gwen Verdon. Although Ms. McClaine often looks like Ms. Verdon, she never succeeds in recreating the eccentric line that gave cohesion to the original."


I knew it wasn't going to be any good.