Bobby: Then why did you come?
Gwen: Because you said you were going to down a bottle of Seconal.
Bobby: Maybe you should have let me.

Bobby: I couldn't think without you, you understand? I wanna come home. I'm outta business without you. I wanna...
Gwen: You skipped a section, Bob. There's the part where you swear it didn't mean anything. You were lonely, drinking too much, working too hard.
Bobby: I'm in love with her.
Gwen: Oh, no you're not.
Bobby: Yeah.
Gwen: With the translator? With the German girl?
Bobby: That doesn't change the way I feel about you, and I don't see why it should.

Gwen: Maybe I should find a lover, too, then. How about that?
Bobby: That's not your style.
Gwen. No, of course not.
Bobby: You're stronger than I am.
Gwen: Oh, up yours.

Bobby: Look, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings yesterday. It's a complicated situation.
Gwen: Oh, I can't do this, Bobby.
Bobby: You can't do what? You knew I was MARRIED. You KNEW I was married.

Bobby: What do you want from me? I'm, I'm... The only thing I wanna do, the ONLY thing I want to do is be with you. Do you hear what I'm saying?
Gwen: [crying uncontrollably] I'm sorry. But I can't take away-
Bobby: Hey.
Gwen: -- a dying woman's husband.
Bobby: [whispering] I love you. I wanna buy you the moon and the stars, you understand? You're everything. I'm in love with you. You know I love you. You're everything I want.
Gwen: [whispering] I'm sorry.
Bobby: [whispering] Hey, hey. Don't do that. Don't do that. [Gwen wipes it away and leaves] I can fix it. I can fix it.

Bobby: How much more fun can this fucking musical take. How much more bullshit does the audience have to get shoved down its throat?
Gwen: How about another baseball number?
Bobby: I'd rather gouge my eyes out.

I knew it wasn't going to be any good.


You and Gwen? You make a hell of a team.


People aren't going to the movies anymore to escape, they're going to find something true.


Gwen: Am I going to be unhappy when I get there?
Bobby: No. Of course not. Why would you be unhappy? Come on. I need you.

Bob: I'd love to do that Cy, but unfortunately, there's no costumes.
Cy: What do you mean there's no ... you've been shown 50 different options!
Bob: Well, nobody's shown me what I want.
Bob: I know exactly what I want.
Cy: Really?
Bob: But you keep whispering in everyone's ear that this is supposed to look like a goddamned musical.
Cy: It is a goddamned musical.
Bob: I'm trying to do something original, and you don't understand it.
Cy: I don't understand it. OK. There's the excuse of every insecure artist, that I don't understand.
Bob: It makes you uncomfortable.
Cy: You know what? It's flash. You're doing flash. This is exactly what I said at the beginning.
Bob: Alright. You know what? I'm not going to be bullied into making another candy-coated family friendly ...

Bob: I never wanted to be a director. All I wanted was to be Fred Astaire.
Hannah: What happened?
Bob: It turns out I wasn't Fred Astaire.

Fosse/Verdon Quotes

"Sweet Charity is a movie haunted by the presence of an unseen star -- Gwen Verdon. Although Ms. McClaine often looks like Ms. Verdon, she never succeeds in recreating the eccentric line that gave cohesion to the original."


I knew it wasn't going to be any good.