Trouble is moving in, and it's looking to make the Upper East Side its bitch.

Gossip Girl

Dan: But this is all just a cover because you're really a Russian spy like those women in Westchester.
Georgina: No, I mean not that I wasn't approached, because I was.

If [Georgina's] flown the coop, who's cleaning up her baby's poop?

Gossip Girl

Juliet: The girls all want to borrow your clothes, and the boys all want to take them off.
Blair: Thank you for the warning on both counts.

Serena: Did you just get a key?
Girl: Yep. And my mom said I'd never get in unless I lost 10 pounds. She's a bitch.

[to Eva] Oh, and if I were you, I'd accessorize with some gloves. Not even a manicure can disguise those peasant hands.


Everything's so different, I keep wanting to call [Chuck] Henry.


"It's a long story but it has a happy ending."

Chuck (to Nate)

Their membership is so restricted it makes Soho House look like a halfway house.


How is my first day at Columbia supposed to matter if Gossip Girl isn't around to tell people it does?


Chuck: You didn't leave.
Eva: I'm not going to lie. It was hard to hear the things you've done. But I've seen the man you can be. I choose to believe in that man.
Chuck: Come on, let's meet my family.

I love you Charles. And if Eva is everything you say she is, I think she will too.


Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Blair: The good thing about no Gossip Girl: no Chuck. What about you? You're the one who has to start college with an ex-boyfriend loose on campus.
Serena: Oh there won't be any issues. Nate and I are still friends even if he is dating some gorgeous blonde named Juliet.
Blair: Oh, please. You are Serena van der Woodsen. We've been on campus what, five minutes? I bet there's already a frat house filled with guys fighting over you. And don't worry, my jealousy issues are as over as... surf fabrics for evening wear. And besides, we're carrying on our divide and conquer strategy from Paris.
Serena: But where will our neutral meeting ground be? Hot & Crusty will not possibly do after Café Louie Phillippe.
Blair: But Hamilton House will.

Chuck will soon realize that it doesn't matter if the dress is couture if the girl is off the rack. And then, as with all things that don't fit, you'll be sent back to where you came from.