You have been very useful, and us arrogant physicians have much to learn from a madman like you. But not much.

Professor Strange

What happens to losers? Yowza! Death by poison gas!


I am God, and I absolve you of all your guilt.

Professor Strange

Fish: Hey, lady!
Ms. Peabody: Busy day, busy day. We'll get to you number 13.
Fish: Your momma may be number 13, but I'ma human being. Fish Mooney, bitch.

You feeling all right? You look like a sack of fish.


You okay, Jim? You look kind of hinkey.

GCPD cop

Lucius: Who, umm, designed the uniforms?
Ms. Peabody: Do you have much training in mental health, Mr. Fox?
Lucius: None at all.

Professor Strange: Do you remember anything? Your name? [closes eyes] You are a war goddess. Your name is And...
Fish: No.
Professor Strange: No?
Fish: My name is Fish Mooney.
Professor Strange: I'm sorry. Could you please repeat that?
Fish: I said, my name is Fish Mooney, bitch, and you better tell me what the hell is going on.

You're not the same boy you left behind, are you?


There are monsters in the basement.


You cannot order scientific discoveries the way you order a steak, Ethel.

Professor Strange

Man, Bridgit, someone sure scrambled your eggs.


Gotham Season 2 Quotes

From the first day on the job, you've been an insubordinate troublemaker.

Commissioner Loeb

The master will unleash hell upon you. Dark days are coming.