I got played.


Amelia, I want you to use me in every way you can think of.


Maggie: I'm Maggie, I'm Clive's girlfriend or friend. We haven't put a label on it yet.
Daphne: Well we have. I'm Daphne, I'm Clive's wife.

Jackson: Hey, you OK?
April: Can you stop asking me that?

Priya: I could just sit out.
April: No. Everyone plays at game night. Those are the rules.

You guys are a thing now, huh? Your parents must be thrilled.

April [laughing at Jackson and Maggie opening the door together]

My God, you are your mother's daughter.


With all due respect, Dr. Soran, please don't make the mistake of underestimating her just because you knew her when she was a child.


Bailey: Are you a doctor?
Patient's father: No, a malpractice attorney.

Rugby Player: What kind of doctor are you?
Owen: Military doctor.

Meredith: Auntie Marie?!
Marie: Mer, Mer!

Wait, I slipped on someone's ear?


Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 14 Quotes

Kimmy: I need you to get me some weed.
Alex: Excuse me?
Casey: She means marijuana.
Alex: I know what she means.

OK, I really miss sex, and this is not helping.