Do you know what a stalking horse is? It's a decoy used to hide behind while hunting your quarry.


Aayan: Oh. Oh, is was just..
Carrie: Looking?
Aayan: No.... yeah.

I'm killing you.

Brody (to Walden)

Carrie: You feel bad, right, about what we did?
Aayan: It's against my faith.
Carrie: I know.
Aayan: But I don't want to sin. I want to be devout.
Carrie: It's fine. We don't have to do anything, OK?

We've been on him for a month and we've come up empty.


Carrie: Don't you want to pray?
Aayan: Tonight, can I touch you again? I felt silly last night.
Carrie: Why?
Aayan: [laughs embarrassingly] I didn't know how...
Carrie: But you did.
Aayan: I took. I didn't give.
Carrie: You're new at this.
Aayan: How do I give?
Carrie: I'll show you. After prayers.

Reporter: Aayan! Aayan, the CIA Chief that ordered that bombing is now dead. Does that feel like
justice? It doesn't? Aayan, people want to know what you think.
Aayan: The Americans are murderers, OK, but we did to that man, how is that any different?

Lockhart: Everything OK there?
Carrie: Give him some time. He was right in the middle of it.
Lockhart: Yeah? So were you.

Carrie: Well, I will, because I'm the one dropping fire on all of these people.
Quinn: Yeah, well I know what that's like.
Carrie: What?
Quinn: Ticking names off a kill list for a living.

Carrie: It involves Haqqani's nephew.
Quinn: So I suppose clothing is optional.

Lt: Monsters.
Carrie: What did you say?
Lt. Fucking monsters, all of you.
Carrie: Get the fuck out of my face, Lieutenant!
Lt. Yes mam.

I'm more alone than I was in the bottom of that hole in Iraq.


Homeland Quotes

How do you know what tea I drink?


Carrie: The hardest time, when you can't go on one more second, that's when you have to keep trying, because that's when breakthroughs happen!
Quinn: Fucking moto shit!