I betrayed Saul. He was counting on me and I betrayed him.


Saul: Carrie, they know I'm here. There are too many of them. I can't get through.
Carrie: Just hang tight. It's not that bad. You gotta trust me. I got the big picture here. OK. Now, listen carefully.
Saul: No.
Carrie: What are you doing?
Saul: What we said.
Carrie: No. You have go keep moving.
Saul: I will not go back with those people, Carrie.
Carrie: Saul! We're almost there.
Saul: I had a good run of it. [cocks the gun]
Carrie: No, no! Saul! You gotta listen to me, it's not over.
Saul: Carrie, they're everywhere. You must see them. Too many. [aims the gun at his neck]
Carrie: NO! I'm here! I'm here! In the ops room. I'm looking at the screen and I'm telling you, it's not hopeless. There is a way. Saul. Saul, we will thread the needle you and I. We will get you home, but you need to put that gun down and focus. You need to do exactly what I say. Saul. [begins crying] Saul...

Saul: What do I do?
Quinn: Saul, it's Quinn. We need to locate you first. What do you see?
Saul: Nothin' it's pitch black. I can't see my feet.
Quinn: Well the good news is nobody can see you.

I was cross with our Pakistani friends again today and she made me promise transparency, teamwork, aah, there was another t, I forget what the fuck it was.


Carrie: So what's the plan?
Lockhart: What plan? There's no plan. No one wants this. Not us. Not the White House. Not Saul, especially not Saul! But I will not have my predecessor joining Daniel Pearl and Jim Foley with their heads in a basket! So you tell me. What do we do?

Quinn: Carrie! Where have you been? What happened?
Carrie: We have a breach, here at the embassy. Someone switched out my meds.

Carrie: Oh. So the police were following me.
Aasar: Only after you beat up a security guard and started shooting people with you fingers.
Carrie: Oh. That's what I was doing. Well, maybe that's because someone fucked with my meds.
Aasar: What?
Carrie: My pills, that I rely on. I'm wondering if someone tampered with them. I guess you don't think it's out of the question.

Don't do it. Don't do it. Nothing they ask. Don't do it. Not anything. Not a fuckin' thing. You tell them to go to fuckin' hell. They can go to fuckin' hell!


Brody: Is it so hard to believe?
Carrie: I want to. I want to believe.
Brody: Then do.

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Saul: You just executed your nephew and before that you sacrificed his family in an air strike. How is that nessary?
Haqqani: You point your finger at Islam, but if Christianity is to be judged by the misery it has caused mankind, who would ever be a Christian?
Saul: I'm a Jew.
Haqqani: Yeah, well...

Haqqani: Only Islam offers a formula for creating a just Godly society.
Saul: Your version of Islam is regressive and backward.
Haqqani: Whatever the prophet did, we must follow.
Saul: Subjugate women? Slaughter the non-believers? Strap on suicide bombs? I hardly remember reading that in the Hadith.
Haqqani: Be careful my friend.
Saul: You have taught an entire generation to live with one foot in the afterlife.

Saul: So many years at war. Aren't you tired of it? I know I am.
Haqqani: Well, you could have just left us alone, you know. [chuckles]
Saul: After you hit us on 9/11? I don't think so.
Haqqani: Please. By all means, speak freely but also honestly. We did not fly those planes into the World Trade Center. Bin Laden did.

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How do you know what tea I drink?


Carrie: The hardest time, when you can't go on one more second, that's when you have to keep trying, because that's when breakthroughs happen!
Quinn: Fucking moto shit!