Nate: It's me, you alone?
Annalise: No, Frank's with me, what happened?
Nate: There's been an accident.

Annalise, I know who has the drive. It's Denver. He's playing both sides.


Denver: What do you want?
Laurel: Tell me who killed Wes.

Connor: We should have put a pillow over his head when we had a chance.
Asher: Tape a picture of Michaela to it, and I'll suffocate him myself.

Michaela: It was a mistake.
Asher: This wasn't a mistake, Michaela. This was you stabbing me in the heart.

Did you hurt me? Yeah, but that's on me. I had a lot of messed up feelings for you that I shouldn't have.

Isaac [to Annalise]

Michaela: Are we the most horrible people we've ever met?
Laurel: No, we just had horrible parents.
Michaela: We're too old to be blaming our parents.

Frank: No matter what I have to do, I'm bringing that kid home to you.
Laurel: No more dead people.
Frank: I know.

Laurel: Why didn't he tell me? We were together right after he met her, he could have told me.
Frank: To be fair, you didn't tell him about us.

Does Simon know who you are working for, or do we need Oliver to tell him?


I've been thinking about what you said, and I'm sorry that it took almost losing you to make me realize how I feel, but, I really like you, Simon.


Oliver, you have to marry Simon.


How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Annalise: Simon's awake.
Michaela: Did he talk?
Connor: Can he talk?

Sandrine: I'll pay you, Christophe.
Wes: Pay me for what?
Sandrine: To stop seeing Laurel.