Henchman: Your dad wanted me to give you a message.
Blaine: My dad? [henchman shoots him]

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Liv: Do you remember trying to buy the cure from Ravi?
Justin: Hashtag, I'm with her.

Liv: Who's a superstar?
Clive: Damn straight.

Major: He asked my permission to court you.
Liv: He did? Maybe you should explain my boyfriend history to him.

Ravi: You're going down there by yourself?
Major: The place is full of rowdy, boozed up, horny zombies and frankly, you're not at peak badass on preschool teacher brain. You see the potential in everybody.
Ravi: You told me I could be an astronaut if I studied hard enough.
Major: Me too.

Justin: There's no good way to ask this, I'm just going to put it out there.
Major: Okay?
Justin: Liv...

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We're good with murder two and blackmail. The memory card in question? Doesn't exist. Good doing business with you.


I knew all about her affair and Jaime. My wife and I have an open marriage. In fact, sometimes I used to watch them.


Major: You think you can keep this between us?
Justin: Yeah, your secret is safe with me, man.

You're full...or are you human?


Clive: What can you tell me about STD 36?
Ravi: Nothing, but only because STD number one taught me some hard lessons.

Clive: It appears to be a crime of passion.
Liv: Ya think? I mean, one nail in the head could be a financial dispute, but the bonus thirteen nails...someone was irked.

iZombie Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Liv: Up. Scum!
Ravi: I'm pretty sure that's the anger controlling you.

Major: I gave the cure to Natalie. I am so sorry.
Peyton: Who's Natalie?
Liz: Major's zombie, hooker friend.