We'll solve it on our own time. Someone's going to pay for this. That I promise.


Clive: They were killed because they were zombies. It's a warning shot. All those people on the radio talking--
Liv: Humans aren't ready for zombies, Clive. Zombies need protection.

Bullet to the back of the head and he's missing three fingernails from his right hand.


Liv: I need some aspirin and a new brain.
Ravi: Is that so, scarecrow? Well, I need a new heart.

Liv: Thanks for listening to me all night, Clive, I'm glad you know I'm a zombie.
Clive: Remember this. I'm alive because of what you did. I know it hurts right now, but try to remember that when you're beating yourself up.

Clive: Liv, Liv it's gonna be okay. Like you said, no one but the lunatics listen to this show
Liv: It's not that, Clive, the brain that I'm on is wearing off. I shot my boyfriend, Clive. He's dead because of me.
Clive: He was already dead. What you did was merciful.

Clive: We need to stop that interview. Why didn't you drive straight there?
Liv: I don't have a badge or a siren.

What if I can come up with a formula that can reverse memory loss?


Seventeen doses of the cure and now we're looking at a few hundred zombies. Can you make more?


Are we a couple?

Blaine [To Peyton]

Ravi: I'm spiraling and I can't break out of it.
Liv: Spiraling about what?
Ravi: Peyton...and Blaine.

Clive: Aren't we the no secrets club?
Liv: We're the "no secrets between us" club.

iZombie Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

I propose that from this day forward no big secrets between the five of us.


Ravi: Unreciprocated. You didn't get that down
Agent: Only because I can't spell it.