Congratulations. The first woman to give the Devil blue balls.

Amenadiel: How did you even find me. Maze?
Maze: Followed the sweet stench of failure.

The greater good would mean parking your ego and catching the bad guy.


The Devil usually has impeccable gaydar.

It's hard to shake your true nature.


As you can see, the Devil does indeed wear Prada.

Dr. Martin: Goodness isn't a toy.
Lucifer: Well, the way I'm going to play with it, it is.

Lucifer: It's funny. I've always looked at do-gooders with pity. Little did I know their dirty secret.
Dr. Martin: And what's that?
Lucifer: It feels good to do good.

One good deed doesn't make you a saint.


Bad boy with a heart of gold? I'm everything like Tim.

You had moves that made even the Devil blush.