Amenadiel: Accept the punishment that you deserve!!
Cain: You know nothing about what I deserve!
Amenadiel: I know my father is punishing you because you killed your own brother.
Cain: Notice anyone else in here who plotted to kill his own brother?

Yeah, huge relief. You're brother's not dead, but he might be the killer.


Chloe: If you were her, where would you guys go?
Lucifer: Ooh, ahhh, strip club.
Dan: Comic-con.
Lucifer: Aah!
Dan: Forensics convention.
Lucifer: Strip club!
Dan: Dude, you already said that. Why would Ella take her brother to the strip club?
Lucifer: For the free buffet.

Amenadiel: Yeah, I gave you the mark. But I was only the messenger, Pierce, I have no idea how to remove it.
Cain: You know, I believe you.

Amenadiel: No, that was different!
Cain: It was only different because you failed.
Amenadiel: We are nothing alike.
Cain: You're right. At least I had the balls to do it myself. You're worse. And if this is the punishment I get for my crimes, what do you deserve? There it is, that look on your face. That's what I wanted. That feels good.

Cain: Your research is watching The DaVinci Code?
Lucifer: And the sequels!

Ah, the diamond industry. Surely the greatest joke someone other than me played on the world. Thousands of dollars for lumps of old coal.

Lucifer: Tell me, Tiffany, what is it you desire.
Tiffany: To punch every millennial in the face.
Lucifer: Really? I mean, I don't disagree, but still.

Lucifer: Plastic plates? What are we, barbarians? Don't we have any china in there?
Cain: You know this isn't real, right? You realize this is just for the case.
Lucifer: This is my chance to get to know you. I'm taking it seriously, and so should you, for our cause and for the case, obviously.

Trust me, Detective. No one is a worse neighbor than the devil.

Cain: Lucifer! What? Are you building something?
Lucifer: Yes, our reputation as the most annoying neighbors on the block.
Cain: It's 4 am. Maybe we can finish this in the morning.
Lucifer: We? You're barely involved. I thought this was supposed to be about you and I spending time together.
Cain: No, no, no. This is about catching a killer.
Lucifer: We just need to open up to each other.
Cain: That won't solve anything!
Lucifer: We have my Achilles heel. We just need to find yours.

Lucifer: I suppose there's some cold comfort to them being arrested together. At least they've got each other.
Cain: Yeah, they do.

Lucifer Season 3 Quotes

Well, you may have crossed paths with God, but you certainly never made a deal with the devil now, did you?


Dan: Uh, he's a dude and he's straight.
Lucifer: That's never stopped me before, Daniel. I'm so good at flipping men, they call me "The Skillet."