Rusty: I'm no good to Andrea if I'm confused.
Gus: You're never confused. You do everything, like, so perfect, it's annoying. Stop panicking.

ME: To whom am I sending my prelim?
Raydor: To me, please.
Davis: And to me.

Tao: I thought something was strange about that radio. But I didn't look inside.
Buzz: That bomb could have gone off while you were examining it.
Raydor: Thank God it didn't.
Tao: Because I asked Hailey to process the radio right away. I ordered her to pick up a bomb.

Raydor: What was her name?
Provenza: Hailey Williams. She got up this morning like we all did, went to work, and suddenly... boom.

Provenza: Sanchez, you're pointing to a window with no forced entry. Patrol already told us this.
Sanchez: Patrol rushed. I didn't. Now in this neighborhood you don't let in just anybody. His locks were good. But his windows were cheap.

Provenza: Only once in my career did I jump over a hill while pursuing a suspect. During the riots.
Sykes: Did you catch who you were looking for?
Provenza: No. I lost control of my car and crashed into a Blockbuster. It'll never happen again. There are no more Blockbusters.

Mrs. Harris: You can call it murder if you like. I call it justice, and I think a jury will agree with mme.
Sharon: Well, we will certainly help you test that theory.
Julio: You're under arrest for the murder of Will Sachs.
Mrs. Harris: There is no such person.

Sykes: How did you end up on the night shift, Lieutenant?
Provenza: Well, Tao had his Hollywood job and Sanchez likes to tuck the kid in at night. Little Mark.
Sykes: Think this'll work?
Provenza: Oh yeah. She'll come out in the morning, see her car is vandalized, bring it to her mechanic. We find the other car and presto-chango, Sharon Raydor is the new assistant chief. Okay. Mark this day, people. This could be the end of an era. My last stakeout pizza ever.

Accidents happen. They happen and time goes by and it gets better. That's what everyone said. But they were wrong. Because when you lose a child, time does not go by. It just comes to a dead halt.

Mrs. Harris

Patrice: Louis, what's the matter?
Louis: What makes you think anything's the matter?
Patrice: You haven't turned on the television and you're not complaining about putting stamps on envelopes for Sharon and Andy's wedding. What's up?
Louis: I think I need to quit my job.
Patrice: Yeah right.
Louis: No, really. Maybe next week.
Patrice: Is it this case?
Louis: No. It's this kid.

You want someone to blame? How about the driver? Or maybe look in the mirror, because the LAPD is doing such a great job of protecting the people of this city right now. Am I under arrest? Am I?


Sharon: Losing out a clerkship is an unusual motive for murder, but people have killed for less.
Provenza: I like greed. It's my favorite except for infidelity.

Major Crimes Quotes

Wait. Somebody married you?


Provenza: Ah hah! Landlord works quick.
Amy: That's what I thought at first but that sign's been up for a couple months. So you can keep your faith in humanity.
Provenza: I doubt that.