I've never been sure about God. But today... today I believe in the devil.


Provenza: Julio, look, the guy who killed Mark's mother is dead.
Sanchez: It hasn't stopped the violence, sir.

Thanks for the warning. See you in hell, Captain.


And if you lied to me, Mr. Hecht, this I promise - you will spend the rest of your life mixing with the world's most dangerous prisoners.


Who cares about a fingerprint? Can you prove the time it was put there?


See, that is why they call us Major CRIMES, not Major Crime. We are capable of handling more than one asshole a day.


Darnell: This has nothing to do with justice, and by the time you figure that out HE'LL be in charge.
Chief Taylor: I already am.

See, this is why nobody likes the press.


So meth and real estate fraud. They're diversified.


Please can we wait for her? I'll be good, I promise. It won't be long. I'm sorry, okay? I'll be good.


Tao: It's a miracle this guy didn't blow us sky high.
Provenza: I'll be sure to thank him when we get downtown.

And tell Mama I'm here.