Provenza: Ah hah! Landlord works quick.
Amy: That's what I thought at first but that sign's been up for a couple months. So you can keep your faith in humanity.
Provenza: I doubt that.

Morales: I may have exaggerated to my father how closely I work with Major Crimes.
Provenza: Exaggerated how?
Morales: How would you like to work for me this week?

Mark: I don't like being left alone in cars!
Julio: You won't be alone. There'll be lots of cops around. And there's a dead body. You can't come with me anyway.
Mark: But I want to see the dead body!
Julio: No you don't.
Mark: Yes I do!
Julio: Mark, what's the rule? Do you want to hold onto the iPad or not?

Julio: Mark, when your grandmother gets here, I want you to be nice to her?
Mark: Why? She left me all by myself! You can't let her take me back with her!
Julio: No, no, no. But she's your familia, Mark and when someone in your family does something wrong, you don't do something wrong too. You forgive them. Now your grandmother is old and she is afraid.
Mark: But you don't forgive people. You arrest them.
Julio: That's true. But the criminals I arrest, they're the people who never learned how to forgive. Is that the kind of person you want to grow up to be?

Winnie: I heard you made an arrest.
Sharon: Yes, Chief, please come in. You can see how your help paid off.
Eduardo: [in foreign language]: Who is this witch?
Fernando: [in foreign language]: Bureaucrat. Administrator.

Dr. Morales: Badge of Justice? You're Badge of Justice?
Tao: Yes.
Flynn: One day. Why can't we go one day without...?

Tao: You don't have to tell us anything.
Provenza: But if you want to, of course we are happy to listen.
Woman: First off, I am not selling drugs. I am giving them away. If you buy a photograph you get a free baggie of medicine. Marketing.

Nolan: The grass was in her car.
Sykes: The grass?
Provenza: Thank you Serpico. Mike?
Tao: Smells like probable cause to me.

Flynn: We caught a murder, so cancel everything.
Rusty: It's no problem, everything's insured, but can I just say I don't think this secret trip to Napa you're trying to take Mom on would have gone over as well as you think.
Flynn: What? I can't whisk your mom away for a romantic surprise?
Rusty: Whisk? Can I ask, since maybe I missed this, but since when does Mom like getting whisked, or getting surprised?

Eduardo: The Instagram... the Facebook...
Provenza: Don't forget The Twitter!
Eduardo: The Twitter. I don't get it. And I hate the Snapchat.

Flynn: Life can turn around very quickly.
Sharon: Some people adapt to their new circumstances. Some don't.

Judge Grove: Mr. Beck, a word, please?
Rusty: Yes, sir, I mean Your Honor?
Grove: My wife tells me that you changed your major in communications to a minor and that you are now preparing to go to law school. Is that true?
Rusty: Y-yes Your Honor. I felt I could best help the people I wanted to help through telling their stories, traumatized kids, by going into Family Law. [pause] You're smiling.
Grove: Mr. Beck, as a judge -- and you'll learn this in law school -- I have to stay neutral, so I don't often get to say this while wearing these robes.
Rusty: What?
Grove: I told you so. I've also seen many people in your position think that they're going to go into Family Law. Well, time will tell. In the meantime, I'm glad to see you in my courtroom somewhere other than the witness box. Keep it up, Mr. Beck. I'm proud of you.