Mason: I took this job so that all of our money could go towards fighting crime, not lawsuits. I advise you to take that into consideration.
Sharon: And I have a long history of managing my job despite dealing with resistance from male egos. I am no longer interested in doing that. I advise you to take that into consideration.

My mom is really sick and a serial killer may be after me and you're asking me if it's okay for you to date other people while I'm trying to decide whether I can trust you?


Mrs. Landon: What are you doing here?
Provenza: I'm actualizing my dream of arresting your husband.

Then the son of the bitch drugged me, tied me up, gagged me, and raped me while saying "Trust me" the whole time. Trust me. So that's the whole story. You happy now?


Provenza: Look, we all know that Craig Curtis is the rapist. We just need Mekeisha to say it and we're done.
Hobbs: We're not done. One of the rape victims is dead and the other's not talking. You might have a potential victim in Indianapolis, but that's an Indiana crime.

Flynn, after she [Sharon finishes this interview you have to take her home. And tomorrow, she and I have to sit down and discuss her health issues.


Mekeisha: So right after it happened, what did I do? I got in a cab, I went to the police station, and I told them I was raped. And I was arrested. So I'm not saying nothing else without a lawyer.
Sykes: That's fine. But while we're waiting, how about you give us the name of the man who raped you? I promise we are listening.
Mekeisha: So am I. For the voice of my lawyer.

Come on, Linda. Dope versus murder and rape? The scales tip our way.


How does Palm Springs fit in with his usual pattern? Or maybe Stroh's just crazy and there is no pattern.


Page: Shelley, were you ever raped by Craig Curtis?
Shelly: Who told you that bulls**t? Actually, you know what, it doesn't matter, because I never said a bad word about Curtis.

Wait a minute? How many girls were raped? And was it someone rich? If they were rich, this could mean a multi-million dollar lawsuit.


Sharon: Oh, I'm fine. It was a little outpatient procedure but I am done and I am heading back to work -
Doctor: Tomorrow. Today you're going home so we can make sure the monitor works.

Major Crimes Quotes

We've only been friends for a couple of months, but if there's one thing that's totally obvious about you, it's that you're overconfident.


Provenza: Only once in my career did I jump over a hill while pursuing a suspect. During the riots.
Sykes: Did you catch who you were looking for?
Provenza: No. I lost control of my car and crashed into a Blockbuster. It'll never happen again. There are no more Blockbusters.