Karen: It's happening now, Alec. She's going and you're going to miss it. Do you want to be up here chasing a miracle or do you want to say goodbye to your wife?
Alec: I can't.
Karen: Yes you can.
Alec: I can't bear it, Karen There's got to be something I could do.
Karen: You can be with her.

Miranda: Don't be mad at Marc. He didn't hide his drinking from you to be sneaky, he just didn't want you to think any less of him.
April: I'm not sure he cares what I think.
Miranda: Well of course he does. He's in love with you, April. How did you not see that?

It's happening so fast, Karen.


Ah baby, I just think that after everythings that happened, I really, I just want to attack life, ya know?

Joss [to Harry]

I killed my husband alone. Josslyn Carver had nothing to do with it.


Calista: Deals are for fools and guilty people.
Patty: They're for people with no better option. And that dear, is you.

Calista: I had no intention of hurting you. None. You were my closest friend. Look at me, you know me.
Joss: No, you know what? You know what I know, Calista, I know that you are ruled by blinding narcissism and selfishness and deceit.

Vivian: Do you love me?
Karen: You know I do.
Vivian: Then let me have one last night of happiness before I go into that hospital. Maybe for good.

Harry: Hey man, you should seize the day.
Marc: What's that?
Harry: April. Tell her how you feel. She could be taken from you tomorrow.

April broke up with Blair! Dropped him like the 180 pounds of dead weight that he was.

Marc [to Harry]

I'm sick again, Karen.


Lucy: You hate bed and breakfasts.
April: That is not true, Lucy.
Lucy: You're being so fake right now, it's weird.

Mistresses Season 3 Quotes

April: The truth shall set you free.
Joss: Says who?
April: You know, God.

Why would I talk about anything to you? You lie.

Lucy [to April]