Cath: That would be a first.
J.D.: First time for everything, eh?

J.D.: Of course, if there's someone with integrity who can vouch for her?
Roy: Oh, bugger.

Blue: There's nothing we can do.
Mackey: Sure there is. We can stay in the fight. That's the gig.

When you're done picking on kids with cancer, you come down here. Have a go at me.

Roy [to Stone]

Go on, then. Blow me up. You'll never see your money.

Louie [to Stone]

Louie: Do you think I'm stupid?
J.D.: I think you're in over your head.

Rosie: Who is this clown?
Blue: I like him.

Mackey: How the hell did he end up here?
Rosie: More than likely he fell from up there.

J.D.: Learn anything?
DeShawn: Only that most folks don't like being dragged out of bed after midnight to answer questions about something they never saw.

If my time in law school taught me anything, it's that there's always a loophole.

D [to Mackey]

J.D.: Drink?
Mackey: It's the national pastime, isn't it?

D: There is no "I" in team.
Evie: But there is an "I" in sushi.

NCIS: Sydney Quotes

Let's just accept that I can piss further than you can, shall we?

Mackey [to JD]

JD: Good morning, Rosie.
Rosie: I'll be the judge of that, mate.