I don't need a speech from you today. I don't need a speech from you, or my father, or my brother, or my agent. I don't need some billionaire taking me all around the world as if I got nothing better to do. He can watch me train in Arizona if he wants to. I don't need a man to rescue me. I'm the one on the mound right now. Me. I throw the ball. I give the speeches. And I decide if you and I are going to talk about what happened the other night not you. And I decided we're not by the way because we're teammates. And as long as we're teammates that's how we're going to be.


Amelia: Knock, knock! What's up?
Ginny: Nothing.
Evelyn: Everything.

Buck: Do those geniuses notice that her velocity is exactly the same?
Oscar: Yes but apparently her RPMs are lower.
Buck: So is my nutsack, doesn't stop me from getting up in the morning.

Just because you're not moving, doesn't mean we can't see you.


Ginny look at me. I'm starving for sexual details outside of my marriage, now I want nuance.


Evelyn: What? Things got weird with Mike? How far did it go? Does the carpet match the face?
Ginny: Ew! No, it wasn't like that. I can't talk about this.

Mike: Congratulations, you just ended her season.
Blip: I'm looking out for her.
Ginny: What's going on?
Mike: They're shutting you down.

Mike: About last night, we don't need to-
Ginny: No, no definitely not.
Mike: So..
Ginny: Yeah, good.

Amelia: I'm also shopping memoirs.
Evelyn: She's twenty-three does she even have memoirs yet?

I know there's money missing from the restaurant fund.


Oh thank God, if one more person ignores me, I'm going to lose my damn mind. [Mike ignores her] Really?


Mike: I just want you to be happy Rach. That's all I ever wanted, and if David makes you happy...
Rachel: We broke up. A couple of weeks ago.

Pitch Quotes

Ginny: But none of that matters, you know why?
Frank: No, but color me intrigued.
Ginny: Because today I'm the starting pitcher for the San Diego Padres.

I know it's only a 2 minute ride to the stadium and you've probably dealt with this kind of paparazzi before, but there's a billion dollar piece of cargo back here, and if you Princess Di her ass and you and me survive, I'm going to Red Wedding you and your entire family.