Amelia: Hey um, just confirming, we can't-
Mike: Relax, I'm not gonna say anything, although I don't know why, we're both single and consenting. Ginny's a big girl.
Amelia: She still carries your rookie card and had your poster on her wall.
Mike: Really? She had me on her wall?

Amelia: I'll see you around.
Mike: Yeah you will!

Tommy: She'll go out with rappers but not ball players.
Ginny: First of all, I'm not going out with Drake. I've never met Drake. But I have met you guys. I don't care if you're rappers or doctors I'm never going out with your guys.

Ginny: You sleep a lot, Old Man.
Mike: Out of my yard, Rookie.

Evelyn: Why is he sending a drink to Ginny? What's wrong with this?
Blip: Because you look happy, content, and satisfied and he doesn't want to mess with this.

Evelyn: She doesn't date ballplayers.
Trevor: Well she struck me out three times tonight. Clearly I'm no ballplayer.
Ginny: You trying to strike out a fourth time?

Look Al, you're my friend and I don't steal another man's girl, or his job. But there's not a lot of teams looking for a 67 year old coach. If you're going to go anyway, I wouldn't mind my day in the sun. If nothing else but for the tan.


This is my ballclub and I'm not willing to give it up! They're going to have to take it from me and I'm not going to let them.

Mike: Skip just got tossed.
Blip: Before the national anthem.

Yes I'm a ball player who plays with men. Men who still look at me and see boobs, and ass, and everything that goes with it. You have no idea what I deal with.


Ginny: Half the guys around me are misogynists that don't think a woman deserves a shot, and the other half are worse.
Trevor: Worse? How is that?
Ginny: Because they're good guys who just want to protect Orphan Annie, and I just want them to see me as a regular ball player.

Amelia: Sorry, I don't have time to eat.
Mike: This is for me.

Pitch Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Amelia: Sorry, I don't have time to eat.
Mike: This is for me.

I bet Ginny Baker didn't wake up this morning thinking she'd be right in the middle of a beanball war.