I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere in here he hasn't hid a go-go boy


But, as a mother, I would do anything to help my son.


Little shit's never gonna learn.


You need me as much as I need you.


I'm not running for President, but I am looking forward to spending more time together.


Your father threw himself on the tracks. Now, he knew if he took the heat for her losing; he may give her the chance to run again someday.


Not the whole family, Bud. Umm, voters only like her without you. Not that they don't like you, it's just that they think you make her look weak.


You don't need love the way you need your work. At least you didn't need mine.


Who's inferior in every way just because he has a pretty head of hair and a penis. Yep, you heard me right, I said penis.


I'm giving you the opportunity for the rest of your life to tell presidents what they can and cannot do.

Judge Nash

When this breaks every reporter in the world will want to know your answer.


That's how you hook a fish.


Political Animals Quotes

You're asking me to eat shit. Now, I held the highest office in the land. An office only 41 men before me ever held. I don't eat shit. I serve it.

President Hammond

Fan Girl: Why don't you run again?
President Bud Hammond: Would if I could. Would if I could.