Anne: I love when you call me Annie.
Doug: I know.

Now, let me ask you a question. Why is when most people ask about my wife's woman problem they don't tend to have a vagina?


And, in that moment, I became First Wife. I married the nation.


You should leave me. I'll cheat again. And, I'll lie again and I'll break your heart again.


Yes, Bud. I am going to run for President. Without you.


I know your story. I know how it ends.


Nana: Where's my check, you little shit? Did you forge my name and cash it? For how much?
TJ: No, I ... I couldn't. I'm sorry. I can explain.

I love you brother.


Are we having sex or am I parallel parking?


Elaine: 5 months? In our bed?
Bud: Only once.

The perfect capper to my day. I just pimped myself out for the good of the country.


Serkan: Perhaps then, uh, you would agree to dinner with me?
Elaine: You would use the lives of three Americans to leverage me into going out with you?
Serkan: You would sacrifice their lives to not go out with me?
Elaine: Fine.

Political Animals Quotes

You're asking me to eat shit. Now, I held the highest office in the land. An office only 41 men before me ever held. I don't eat shit. I serve it.

President Hammond

Fan Girl: Why don't you run again?
President Bud Hammond: Would if I could. Would if I could.