They were just stacked on his nightstand like, "Hmm, what do I want to watch tonight, Jimmy Kimmel or boobs?"


She can't just disappear; this isn't Hogwarts. There's only so many halls and classrooms.


Thanks for telling me that...this time.

Emily (to Spencer)

Mona may not be A, but she's definitely still a B.


I don't care who said what to who, but we need all brains on board and we are down ONE!


Well I'm ruining my mom's life, so that's got to count for something!


Aria: Ew, taste this, it's disgusting.
Spencer: No, you just spit in it.

It's hard to get frisky with Fitz when someone's looking over your shoulder, huh?


Do not use this weekend to discover beer pong.


Aria: Don't even bring up that singing canary.
Spencer: Parrot.
Aria: Whatever.

You get to act like a total snotrag because Mommy and Daddy have a safety net of cash to catch your fall.

Emily (to Spencer)

Mom, I am not a sofa!


Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Quotes

Isn't funny how your old boyfriend turned out to be a stalking wackjob?


That guy has so many heads he'll never miss one.

Hanna(on Hector)

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Music

  Song Artist
Song So What Corey TuT
Youth knows no pain Youth Knows No Pain Lykke Li iTunes
Gentlemen hall all our love All Our Love Gentlemen Hall iTunes