Martin: Malcolm, it's your father. I have sensational news.
Malcolm: Please say it's cancer. 

Malcolm: I'm not my father.
Dani: We know that.

Malcolm: I don't need a lawyer. I need to start solving this case.
Dani: You need to stop lying to us.
Malcolm: You need to start believing me.
JT: Um, do you guys wanna --
Malcolm: Talk about how I'm being framed? Yah.

Martin: Aren't you a sight for sore eyes.
Ainsley: You don't look so good.
Martin: Well, I don't feel so good. I told you this would happen, but did anyone listen to me? No siree. Now I'm sitting here with a target on my back, and I miss my cell, and I miss Mr. David. And I do not like it here.

Martin: I may have started this, but you can end it. You stop Endicott, save our family.
Malcolm: How?
Martin: By killing him. It's the only way. In your heart, you know that.
Ainsley: He's not a killer.
Martin: He's a whitly. He'll know what to do.

Martin: I, uh, I love you both and being your father has been the best part of my life. You have been the best part of my life. 
Ainsley: Stop. I don't want to hear any last words from you. You are The Surgeon. You are the smartest one in here. Start acting like it.

Stop talking to the police, Malcolm. They are not your friends. My attorneys are. Good thing I hire them by the dozen. Let's go. You're grounded.


Inmate: They won't take you anyway. No one will. Not with the bounty.
Martin: Bounty?
Inmate: Someone wants you dead, doc.

Edrisa: How much of that did you hear?
Malcolm: Enough.
Edrisa: And to think, I was just about to start a meaningful female friendship with Dani. Maybe.

Edrisa: Bright! 
Malcolm: I won't. I promise.
Edrisa to herself: He didn't want me to kiss him, right?

Malcolm: Why kill Eve?
Sterling: He must have been afraid she'd find his secrets amid the files Sophie stole. If you want to prove your innocence, get your father to tell you where those are.

I'm not here to help you, Doc. I'm just explaining to you why I have to kill you.


Prodigal Son Quotes

Ainsley: When you're upset, you keep busy.. you're distracting yourself.
Jessica: Oh, that's absurd. What on earth am I distracting myself from? 
Ainsley: Gil, I checked your phone. Seven missed calls from him? 
Jessica: I can't believe you.
Ainsley: Okay. I shouldn't have snooped, but something is clearly going on, and we're just not going to talk about it? 
Jessica: We're W.A.S.P.S. It's what we do!

 No one is born broken. Someone breaks us.