6 CIA operatives don't just end up in the same place without a reason.


You may each be on the same mission, but you are not on the same team.


First day of spy school. I wonder what they'll ask us to do.


Here at the Farm, it doesn't matter who you used to be or who you are. All that matters is who we teach you to be.


This wouldn't be spy school without a little homework.


Alex: Are you flirting with me?
Harry: If you have to check, I'm obviously not doing it right.

Alex: I was in the government service. I wasn't a celebrity.
Harry: No? Well, you looked like one, not a hair out of place. Seriously, when you were a fugitive on the run, you looked like you were flitting between your hair salon and your manicurist.

Alex: Here's to hiding in plain sight.
Harry: And what we don't show.

I think one of the reasons you left the FBI is because you have a hard time trusting authority, but I think you have good reason for that.


You wanted a former FBI agent who couldn't spot a terrorist under his nose for years?


I like you. You're smart. You're fascinating. You're lovely to look at.