Don't talk. Fight. Do you understand? Fight.


Alex: I'm just trying to find the man who did this to her, Shelby.
Shelby: You're also trying to find the man who did something to you.

It's happening again. Ryan, call your family. Call everyone's families. Get agents posted to their houses now.


Owen: Deep. Ready to get back to work? We need you.
Deep: Oh thank god.

Rule number one, all warfare is based on deception.


A reckoning is coming.


Harry: You were only eleven, and you loved me.
Maisie: I still do.
Harry: How is that even possible?
Maisie: Because unlike some people, I'm not a complete ass. I almost died tonight, and it was rather traumatizing. But if it took me fighting off a trained assassin to get my brother back, I suppose it was worth it.

Owen: Identify the wire that connects the pressure plate.
Harry: Owen, it's a whole cluster of wires here. You know in the movies, there's only one red wire, one blue wire.

Jocelyn: We are not going to die.
Harry: [uncovering more explosives] Yeah, I'm not too sure about that.

Alex: Is it weird that I would rather take my chances with a trained assassin than face my own mother?
Shelby: I would rather take the assassin and your mother over Dick Booth.
Alex: Going that well, huh?
Shelby: Who doesn't like me? Everyone likes me.

You are here so that what happened to my daughter doesn't happen to you.


This is going to be a disaster, isn't it?


Quantico Quotes

Alex: You're not my type.
Ryan: Said to the man you just had sex with.

The last night of freedom for us both.