Be careful my dear, you think you have the answers but you don't even know what the questions are.

Mrs. Grunwald

One minute I'm sneaking up on Grunwald doing my poltergeist thing, the next minute I'm being seared like Ahi tuna.


I fall asleep and someone grabs the sleep remote and switches to nightmare channel.


I couldn't tel her everything. She'd be here in a split second. I can't have what happened to you, happen to her.

Caleb [to Miranda]

Okay there's creepy and then there's if I pee in my pants you can't make fun of me.


Olivia: A big hairy spider was crawling up my arm.
Caleb: We're in a room with two skeletons and that's what's freaking you out?

You can't handle your own truth, why would I think you could handle mine?

Remi [to Luke]

There's nothing wrong with wanting to be normal.


It's a box of questions, not answers.


My whole life changed while I wasn’t paying attention and I can’t be around people who constantly remind me that it’s only going to get worse.


My grandma’s 20 years younger than him and she still calls my tablet a maxipad.


Olivia: Do you think he knows why were alive? And you’re not?
Miranda: Good question.
Olivia: Does he get rid of people who ask too many?

Ravenswood Quotes

I think you're supposed to start off with "Hello."


Ravenswood has to be the only town in the country without a website.