Mary: Why are you doing this?
Sebastian: I, too, am capable of unconditional love.

Anne: Cotton, I'm still your Anne. The woman who loves you.
Cotton: No, no. Witches are the very embodiment of evil.
Anne: Cotton.
Cotton: I thought you were the very embodiment of good.
Anne: So why can't I use my power for good? To make the world a better, fairer place.
Cotton: Because such powers come from the devil himself.

Anne: [shocked] You are alive?
Cotton: Where is he? What have you done with the boy?
Anne: Are you sure you want to know? A kind woman once told me that the problem with knowing things, is you can never un-know them.
Cotton: Yes, I must know everything.
Anne: I traded his life for yours.
Cotton: [screaming and angry] No! Now I see why I already burn in hell.

Mercy: You promised me.
Countess Marburg: Promised you what, child?
Mercy: To be my mother, to make me one of you. That I might marry Sebastian, become a princess.
Countess Marburg: Your wishful mind promised you all those things. I promised you to return the beauty for which you were born and make Mary Sible feel your pain and beyond.

They have tried and failed to build the kingdom of heaven here on earth, not it is our turn. Under our dark lord's dominion, Salem will prosper and grow becoming a mighty nation and it all begins here with this little boy.

Countess Marburg

Sebastian: How about you leave me well enough and far alone, you're no use to us anymore.
Mercy: That isn't true.
Sebastian: No, it isn't true. You were never any use to us.
Mercy: You're being cruel. I thought you wanted me?
Sebastian: Wanted you? No one has ever wanted you. Not your own father, not the Essex hive and certainly, not I. Mary Sibley is the one I desire and I shall have no other.

John: Anne Hale is a witch!
Cotton: [laughing] That the most preposterous thing I've heard.

I never longed for power, I longed for love.


You would have me speak words of love while you destroy him.


With every breath we take, we betray somebodies trust.

Countess Marburg

Mercy: They say crocodiles weep when they devour their prey, but not even crocodiles eat their own young.
Mary: Mercy, I wonder when you'd come. Believe it or not, I am glad you survived.
Mercy: Don't play the good mother with me. Good mother's don't burn their children. I finally met a true mother, she healed the wounds you and so many others dealt me.

What kind of a world would have demons, but no angels?


Salem Season 2 Quotes

Mary: I wonder if you even remember.
Mercy: Remember what?
Mary: What it feels like to sleep with your head on a pillow instead of a corpse.

I will not be toyed with like this. They have to trust me. I am his mother.