Walter: Fertility treatments are expensive. We thought you might need the help.
Toby: Guys, we can't accept this.
Sly: Well, it's not for you. It's for baby Quintis.
Walter: Scorpion takes care of each other.
Paige: Yeah, that includes the team members who aren't here yet.

Sly: Besides, I won't act on it because of Megan. [points to wedding ring]
Ralph: She'd want you to be happy.

Who is more vulnerable than me? I get nosebleeds on escalators!


Walter: Sabotaging a rival is never the way to do.
Ralph: Didn't you sabotage Mom and Tim's first date at the jazz festival?
Walter: I don't recall.
Ralph: And you put Tim in a tiny desk in the elevator and cut him out of Christmas picture.

Walter: You want me to jump?
Sly: No, I want you to have the power to apparate like the teenage wizards in Harry Potter, but you don't, so into the wind you go!

You mean your sperm is immature?


I'm going to Scorpion the hell out of your patient.


Florence: What's that thing Happy always says?
Sly: Dammit Toby, put a baby in me already.
Florence: Not that one, the other one.
Sly: Not good.
Florence: That's the one.

It's the fear of full body mascot costumes. Their expressionless faces mimic death.


Walter: Is that Ralph I hear? Can you tell him I really appreciate the accurate trigonometry calculations?
Sly: I'll be sure to pass that along.
Ralph: Is he making a snide trigonometry comment?

Cabe: How are you going to pull this off?
Walter: Math and physics.
Cabe: Yeah, thanks for clearing that up.

Cabe: How cheap do you think I am?
Toby: Well your cereal box says, 'cereal.'
Cabe: Generic is how you get your savings.

Scorpion Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

I just can't shake the feeling that something is wrong with me.


Paige: How did it go at Elia's new factory?
Walter: Well the software installation was successful.
Sly: And by successful, he means no one was launched into space or taken hostage.