J.D.: I don't like candy bracelets.
J.D.'s narration: I love them!

Todd: I got a pink doggie for you. But it's not little.
Elliot: If you show me your penis, I am going to take it away from you.
Todd: Cool.

Dr. Cox: Be me!
J.D.'s Narration: Come on... you can do this. Navy scrubs! Navy scrubs! Navy scrubs!
J.D.: Here's the deal Elinor. We're gonna go head and get a full work-up on this guy, so while I drop NG tube into gastrogavage, why don't you go ahead get an order on a EKG with cardiobiomarkers. If you need to know where those are, they're on page thirty-seven of the Ann Taylor Catalogue, right next to that Salmon cable-knit sweater that you've wanted so long but haven't had the courage to order 'cause you're worried the weave's so thin your nipples just might go head and peak their little pink selfs through. Isn't that right, Dr. Cox? Dr Cox!
Dr. Cox: Um I'm sorry, here I was in my own little world talking to myself and dreaming about candy bracelets.

Scrubs Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Custodian: Heeeeyyy! Get outta here.
Janitor: It's all right, Butchie, she's with me.

Look, Dr. Cox, I know my opinion doesn't mean anything and I'm always wrong and apparently useless - which deep down you know isn't true because... shoot, I forgot your coffee.