Molly: Much better without the icy tongue.
J.D.: I'll remember that.
J.D.'s thoughts: Why would she lie?

Elliot: Oh... I can't believe she's leaving!
Turk: Hospital just lost its second-hottest employee.
Carla: Don't think you can drool all over her just because you rank me number one.
Turk: Baby, Nurse Tisdale's number one... You g-you gotta be single to be on the list.
Elliot: You actually rank the women of this hospital by their appearance?
J.D.: Calm down, Twelve.
Elliot: Yes, top twenty!

Dr. Cox: Denise, that's not very likely. And here's why: All you do is talk, talk, talk talk, talk, talk, talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk. And when you're not talking, I'm betting you're thinking about talking. I mean, can I ask you a personal question? Have you ever had a thought that you didn't immediately verbalize?
Denise: Well, I don't know. That's a tough one, Perr.
Dr. Cox: Uh-huh.
Denise: Oh, look, the window's open again! You can see the moon!

Elliot: No. Oh, what's the matter, J.D., freezer got your tongue?
J.D.: That doesn't even make any sense!
Elliot: So's your face!
J.D.'s thoughts: Dammit! Walked into that one!

Turk: Dude, now that I have adjusted your fuel valve, your scooter is going to fly!
J.D.: Speaking of things that are fly, I made out with Molly last night. I know that was kind of a lame segue, but I've been with you all morning and you've yet to use the words "make" or "out."

Turk: Yes, baby, Molly is attractive. But she doesn't hold a candle to my Puerto Rican princess!
Carla: For the last time, Turk: I'm Dominican.

Patient: Frank, you idiot. Your bed's down the hall!
Frank: I know! I love you...

Molly: Besides, you don't have that edgy mean streak I'm attracted to.
J.D.: (Pushes Turk over the railing) You were saying?
Turk: Dude, what the hell?! (J.D. whispers something in his ear) Oh, that's wassup! Go about your business.

J.D.: Turk, it's me!
Turk: Hang on, I'm doing my diabetes test. Ninety eight, is that a good number?
J.D.: Yes! It's good! You surgeons are idiots!
Turk: Oh, I'm the idiot, huh? Well, guess what you were wrong about! Carla's Dominican!

Denise: So, little Jack's a baseball fan, eh?
Jordan: He's two and he can't talk yet.
Denise: You know what you should do? You should get him some baseball cards! I got my son, Davey, a Ken Griffey Jr. card? Carries it with him wherever he goes. Never liked the gum, though. Gum's a weird word, isn't it? You know? Do you ever notice some words, you say 'em enough, they don't even sound like words anymore? Gum.... Gum. Gum. Gum! Gum, gum, gum, gum, gum, gum, gum, gum, gum, gum, gum, gum, gum, gum, gummmm. Gum gum gum...

J.D.: I'm telling you, Turk. Olive oil.
Turk: Dude, just because it's good on salad doesn't mean it's good on your lips.

Dr. Kelso: Perry, are you familiar with Sacred Heart's community service program?
Dr. Cox: Bobby, lately I've noticed you don't listen to a single word people say, so my reply to your question is I think you're the world's biggest jackass and I look forward to your death.
Dr. Kelso: Well, you must not be familiar with it because you're the only staff member not to have completed his 24-hour mandatory community service. Consider yourself suspended until you do! Oh, and I'm never dying.

Scrubs Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

EMT: Hey, did you leave anything in the ambulance?
Dr. Cox: Only my will to live, why?

Denise: Ooh, he's just such a cutie pie! Look at that! Have you ever had cutie pie, Perry?
Dr. Cox: No, 'course not.
Denise: I like it la mode.