Sonny: Please tell me that was Command calling telling us that we're going back to work. Because it's been over a week and I'm starting to go crazy.
Ray: No, it was Naima, just some vet center stuff.

Ray: All right, what'd I miss? What did I miss?
Jason: Brock massages.

Right, uh, it's... it's more than that. Look, I hid it from my teammates. I... I'm hiding it from Command. I have TBI. I'm working the problem, but it does flare up. And when it flares up, it's... it's a fսcking bitch.


YPG source says that this ISIS commander's wife... Nimat Dahmash... Lives in a tent here. Uh, means crossing through a large chunk of the camp to even approach her.


Jason: Hey, what's going on?
Ray: Oh. Oh, look who it is.
Naima: Hi.

Brian and-and Stella, they're out of town, so why don't you and I, we-we make up for some lost time and-and, uh, we have ourselves a little battle-boo-looza?


Sonny: Lieutenant Davis.
Davis: I hope to hell you got a doctor's note for this type of tardiness.

Sonny: Why would your wife and kid take a solo trip to see her parents?
Clay: Hannah's sister is on steroids.
Sonny: Touché. I just thought maybe Stella made it onto the list of people that you're ghosting.
Clay: I'm not ghosting anyone. This work's been kicking my ass.

Sonny: What in the hell, man? I almost turned you into the Blond Dahlia. What are you doing here?
Clay: Stella took Brian to go see her parents. Apartment felt empty without 'em. I had your key. I thought you were in Texas with Leanne.

I said we're fսcking made. We're made. Get us the fսck outta here, now.


Jason: I need to talk to you, man. Up here.
Ray: All right. What's up?
Jason: Now he's grilling you about your captivity.
Ray: Really? I did not need that.
Jason: He is asking you questions about when you were operating and struggling. What if he catches wind about you freezing up when Brock needed you that day?
Ray: And here I was, hoping that your paranoia about Omar was simmering down.
Jason: Ray, you have more to lose than I do.

Ray: Take a look at this. That is the IP used to purchase the rockets that hit the Crampton. It just popped up. Brigade's cell phones that Hamal helped us track down all around it.
Jason: That just fսcking confirms right there, right, that the militia attacked the USS Crampton and killed 20 American sailors.