Sonny: Is this house haunted, or were you up all night, Jace?
Ray: I heard the floorboards creaking with that sharky-ass signature of yours. And you left the sandwich stuff out.
Sonny: Man, I ever tell you guys about my paranormal experience at my Grand-Ninny's house?
Jason: I was up. Didn't eat.
Sonny: If your brain can't remember it, the carbs don't count.
Omar: Mess was mine. I was up, too.
Sonny: The two of you in a low hover, and you didn't bump into each other?

Ray: Signal's still pinging, Jace. Over an hour now.
Jason: And I thought not being in Brock and Omar's truck was my big break for the day.

Sonny: Back to work, putting this family first. My injury's in the rearview.
Stella: Good. Good.

Sonny: How's Mandy?
Jason: Finding it hard to get Wi-Fi, apparently.
Sonny: I guess high-speed Internet and Talimonsters...
Jason: They, they don't really mix well.

Jason:Wall of crazy just got crazier, huh?
Sonny: Jace, that is the 19th distinct ping location detected by those KingFish devices that the YPJ helped us install across the region.
Omar: Yeah, "across the region" is right.

Omar just put a big fսcking target on Bravo.


Death is better than what they will try to do to us. Torture. rapе. Beheading. That is why we never take this jewelry off. We will take fate into our own hands before falling into theirs.

Female soldier

Ray: Besides, bringing him on is a small price to pay for keeping Bravo intact, right?
Jason: Yeah, for now.
Ray: The hell does that mean? Omar is dialed in.
Jason: He clocks how I'm leaning into you guys, he's gonna uncover my head issues.
Ray: He's not coming for you, Jace.
Ray: Yeah. It's not just me that I'm worried about, Ray. You're heading back to Raqqa Jacques, where you almost had your ticket punched, right? What if your, your PTSD flares up in front of Omar? Then what? This guy is a politician, Ray, all right? You said it for yourself, huh? He had issues with Foxtrot 1. Now I got to deal with this new fuckstick, right? Lead Bravo into hell while constantly looking over my shoulder?

Jason: Last I heard, it's between us and Foxtrot, who gets broken down for parts. Sonny: See? Look. Right there. Command is treating us like a damn finale of a reality show. Just shitcan us or get off the pot. Should just do this Thunderdomestyle. Two teams enter one team leaves.

Stella: What is it?
Jason: Clay's been stabilized.
Stella: What are you not telling me?
Jason: Well, the infection was spreading. So the doctors did what was necessary in order to save his life.

Sonny: Look, I wouldn't do Stella no good pacing around all anxious-like. Let me stay and watch over him. Okay, boss?
Jason: Take care of our boy.
Sonny: Roger that.

Jason: All right. You take this pill.
Clay: I'm hungry, man. But I want a Big Mac and some fries.
Jason: There you go. Take that pill, then you can have your fսcking Happy Meal, okay?