No single man knows everything so no single weakness can bring Ar Rissalah down.


Charlie: You're dying Kenneth. You're bleeding out, so you have somewhere between three to five minutes before your body shuts down and you slip into unconsciousness. Another three to five before your brain function flatlines and you stop breathing altogether. Ten minutes you'll be dead. All that talk about Jihad and death; you don't want to die, do you? It's only now, as you feel it radiating though you, swallowing you whole, that you realize how awful a thing dying really is. Before your time, before you really lived life, it's just life. Only fools rush towards death, Kenneth. Do you want to die today, like a fool, or do you want me to call an ambulance and save the life you've cast aside? Tell me now, Kenneth! Do you want to die today?!
Kenneth: No.

Lucas: I'd feel a lot better if we were armed.
Charlie: I am armed.

[to Syd] The only way you can protect Charleston Tucker is to remain operational. End of story.


Something massive is coming. I'd bet my big government our boy Kenneth knows what it is.


Banks: Every time I come down here I feel like I'm a hundred years old.
Greer: You sure don't look it sir. You look great.

Charlie: With a clear and present threat to US citizens on US soil, you have every right to use whatever force you deem necessary.
POTUS: Then that is exactly what I'm going to do.

Maureen: Do you think Nick did this?
Charlie: If he did, if he killed an American during an unsanctioned op, he's never coming back from that. He'll burn either way.

Kurt: What is it you want, Victor?
Victor: Well, that's easy. I want you to tell me everything about Omar Fatah and Bellerophon.

That is a patriot in its truest sense. To see the dark side of democracy and still believe. That's a rare thing nowadays.


The location of the bomb factory came to us because Professor Ahmadi allowed us access to his private servers. We found the communication records of the American cell.


OK. What's on your mind, CC? Anytime we're drinking in silence, you're mind is screaming.


State of Affairs Quotes

Good doesn't have to come. I do.


He was killed in a terrorist attack. That's what happened, and I made it out. And, now I have to deal with it. I have to deal with it everyday from now on and it sucks.