I got subpoena requests up my ass and that is not a cozy feeling, mam.

Director Banks

Director Banks: Look, this who investigation is a catapult of crap. Keep your head down and it will fly over you, copy?
Charlie: Copy sir.

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Military strategy wasn't a prerequisite of me getting my job. It was for her.


Just what, Charlie? This is a fishbowl. Now he's floppin' around on the outside.


Marshall: I don't understand, because I am not read into the web of lies.
Constance: You don't understand because you are not the President!
Marshall: These days Constance, thank God for that.

You ran a sting op on me for a senator?!


Do you trust your team? [Charlie nods] You shouldn't. Everyone lies, Charleston. It's always those closest to us whose betrayal we can't see.


Nothing trumps a threat to the homeland.


Maureen: Charlie. She wants you back. She just. She doesn't know how to say it. I resigned today as Briefer.
Charlie: Maureen!
Maureen: It just didn't feel right to me. It was like wearing your sister's bra. Now we can put the book together the right way.

Battle lines are being drawn. As much as I may need allies, even more so I need my friends.


Kurt, I know you're interested, and there is a part of me that likes it, but it is none of your business.


Marshall: You think I'm being a thorn in your side, just for the sake of being a thorn in your side?
Constance: You tell me.

State of Affairs Quotes

Good doesn't have to come. I do.


He was killed in a terrorist attack. That's what happened, and I made it out. And, now I have to deal with it. I have to deal with it everyday from now on and it sucks.