All right, everyone. This next song is dedicated to Jane, the local snitch.


Will: Hey, Mike. How you doing?
Mike: Yeah, good, man. Great. Uh, what's that?
Will: Um, it's nothing. Just this painting I've been working on.
Mike: Cool.
Argyle: That's a rad shirt, man. Ocean Pacific?
Jonathan: Oh, hey, Mike. This is, uh, my friend Argyle.
Mike: Oh. Hey.
Argyle: Oh no, no, no. No, it's a shitty knockoff. Yeah.

Mike: Oh, careful, careful, careful. You're squishing your present. It's a gift. I, uh... I handpicked those for you in Hawkins. I know you like yellow, but now I'm realizing it's too much yellow. I know you also like purple, so I got purple as well. So I kinda did, like, a 70/30 split kinda thing.
Eleven: They're perfect. Thank you.

Max: What is this?
Lucas: A ticket to the game. I know you never want to go to my games, but this one is kind of a big deal.
Max: A big deal? Lucas, you really care about this?
Lucas: Yeah, I... I do. Maybe you should find something you care about too.
Max: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Lucas: You're just... It's... It's like you're not even here anymore. It's... It's like you're a ghost or something.
Max: A ghost? Really?
Lucas: Max, I know something's wrong.
Max: Yeah, right.

Nancy: The hell are you doing? It's ten after.
Mike: Oh, shit. shit!
Nancy: Thirty seconds or I'm leaving without you, okay? Thirty seconds.
Mike: Okay, I have to find my pants.

All right. Hold on to your butts, brochachos.


I can send you a previous edition as a loaner to see if you like the product before committing to purchasing it...


Dear Mike, Today is day 185. Feels more like ten years. Joyce says time is funny like that. Emotions can make it speed up or slow down. We are all time travelers if you think about it. For example, this week is going very fast. I think because I am so busy. I have to make something called a visual aid. I hope Mrs. Gracey will give me an A.


This plan is way better. If I knew Steve could knock out a Russian that would've been our plan in the first place.


Dude, you won a fight.


I don't care about Tina or Uncle Jack's party! Your mom's not gonna be able to find us if we're dead in a Russian elevator!


He's a child murderer!


Stranger Things Quotes

Dear Billy, I don't know if you can even hear this. Two years ago, I would have said, 'That's ridiculous, impossible.' "But that was before I found out about alternate dimensions and monsters, so... I'm just going to stop assuming that I know anything. So much has happened since you left. Your dad was a total mess. He and my mom started getting into fights. Bad fights. I don't think he could stand being here without you. So he left. And he didn't leave Mom much. She's taken an extra job, and we moved to that lovely trailer park off Kerley. Basically, ever since you left, everything's been... A total disaster. And the worst part is, I can't tell anyone why you're gone. I can't tell them that you saved El's life. That you saved my life. I play that moment back in my head all the time. And sometimes I imagine myself running to you, pulling you away. I imagine that if I had, that you would still be here. And everything would be... ( sobs ) ...everything would be right again. I imagine that we... That we could've become friends. Good friends, like... like a real brother and sister. And I know that's stupid. You hated me.I hated you. But I thought that maybe... Maybe we could try again. But that's not what happened. I just... I stood there and I watched. For a while, I tried to be happy. Normal. But I... I think that maybe a part of me died that day too. And I haven't told anyone this. I... I just can't. But I had to tell you. Before it's too late. If you can even hear this. I really hope that you can. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry, Billy. Love, your shitty little sister, Max.


Nancy: What the hell are you doing?
Mike: I'll pay you back!