Ewan: All those years blaming yourself for Rose?
Logan: I'm not interested.
Ewan: That really wasn't your fault. This though? This is your fault. This empire of shit. Time to pay up.

Jennifer: Has anyone ever told you that you talk about your dad, like, a lot?
Kendall: [laughs nervously] Uh, OK. Uh, no. I don't think they have.

Logan: I like you, Greg.
Greg: Oh, oh, oh, OK. Right.
Logan: I do. I like you. What did he say?
Greg: He threatened to cut me off.
Logan: He won't do that. He's too much of a fuckin' coward. That's why his whole life has amounted to nothing. But you know, in the end, it's up to you, kiddo. Mmm?
Greg: Yeah.
Logan: Uncle Fun or Grandpa Grumps.

The Logan Roy School of Journalism. What's next, the Jack the Ripper Women's Health Clinic?


In terms of the lives that will be lost by his whoring for the climate change deniers, there's a very persuasive argument to be made that he's worse than Hitler.


Is Rhea really the worst thing in the world, or does a woman from outside actually make sense right now?


Hey, Ken. Maybe you should tell that story about how you tried to kill him and take over the company. That ought to moisten the old peepers.


Connor: It's interesting that dad's agreed to go back to Scotland for this dedication dinner.
Shiv: Yeah.
Connor: He didn't have it easy.
Shiv: Umm hmm.
Connor: He had to shit outside, right? Sometimes I think I'll never truly understand dad until I shit outside.

Rhea: I'm sorry. I have to ask. Why are you trying to fuck me?
Kendall: Trying to fuck you? What do you mean?
Rhea: Rose? We both know what that was.
Kendall: If anything, I'm just mildly offended on behalf of my sister and Frank, Gerri. And I wonder about the optics, but hey, my dad knows. So, yeah.
Rhea: Even so, I don't know how you've done it, frankly. What with everything you've been through.

Connor: Tell us a story, though.
Logan: Story?
Connor: Yeah, from back in the day.
Logan: Oh yeah. What? You want a bit about old, fucking Rosebud? Rosebud is a dollar bill. It's whatever it took to get me the fuck out of here.
Connor: Good story, dad.

Three thousand miles to pose with signage. Thank fuck I'm not busy.


But when we're out on the other side of this all, it's you. I'm telling you now. It's always been you.


Succession Quotes

Logan: Please, stay. Have lunch.
Rhea: Oh, my tummy is very delicate. We really only eat Pulitzer over at Pierce.

Greg: What? No, I mean, my grandpa changes his mind a lot, so it's not final, and plus, um, he's so sturdy. Like who knows how long I might have to wait. I'm good, anyway, cuz, uh, my, so, I was just talkin' to my mom, and she said, apparently, he'll leave me five million anyway, so I'm golden, baby.
Connor: You can't do anything with five, Greg. Five's a nightmare.
Greg: Is it?
Connor: Oh, yeah. Can't retire. Not worth it to work. Oh, yes, five will drive you un poco loco, my fine feathered friend.
Tom: The poorest rich person in America. The world's tallest dwarf.
Connor: The weakest strong man at the circus.