I'm in trouble every week I go to tribal council. I know that.

Jimmy Johnson

People...look at Jimmy Johnson like he's the Pope.


I hate to say it, but I'm looking forward to tribal council.


Everyone can't touch the ball all the time if we want to win.


I've always got a high opinion of myself.

Jimmy T

Right now, Jimmy Johnson, he might be catching up to Dan in the useless department.

Jimmy T

My name is NaOnka not fool.


Don't think I'm going to be nice to you because you have one leg.


"It's going to take me forever to figure this out" - NaOnka on the hidden immunity idol clue.

I'll push [Kelly B] so hard that damn leg will fall off.


I'm as strong as any of the women, even though some of them are built like mooses (sic)."


"His soul is inspiring" - Yve referring to Jimmy Johnson.

Survivor Season 21 Episode 3 Quotes

Coming back from tribal council was so fake. Faker than faux fur.


Regardless of if [Shannon] thinks it or not, I think we got rid of the right person.