Liz: How ya feeling?
Red: Happy as a seagull with a French fry.

Red: I've had the most interesting headache. Colors and images. An acid trip but with pain.
Liz: I'm glad you can joke about it. It terrified me.

I'm never dishonest. Only withholding.

Red [to Liz]

Aram: I may have told Mr. Reddington about Birch.
Cooper: And what possessed you to do that?
Aram: A desire ... to live.

Dembe: Does Elizabeth have a lead?
Red: I fear she has a suspicion.

So. This is about my mother.

Liz [to Ressler]

Ressler: Which puts you right in the middle.
Liz: The last place that I want to be.

Ressler: If you know where [Katarina] is, Kean, you've got to tell Cooper.
Liz: He'll have her arrested.
Ressler: Yeah, that's generally what the FBI does to killers.

Liz: Are you all right?
Red: It's a beautiful day, you and I are playing well with each other, and I have a case for you.

[Dom] stole my life. He trained me then he betrayed me. I want my life back and he won't give it to me.

Katarina [to Liz]

I feel like a series of lights have been turned off as I'm standing at the edge of this darkness.

Liz [to Dominic]

If I let you die to save Raymond's soul, how will I ever save my own?

Dembe [to Sadiq]