Lucas lied to me about attending the rally yesterday. And now you can prove it.

Trey [to Abe]

Matt: I can manage. I do manage.
Maya: Except when you can't.

When I do all this stuff having to do with the wedding, it feels obscene.

Harper [to Bard]

I'm trying to take notes. But it's weird here.


Bard: You're into this, right.
Harper: Of course I'm into this.

Wow. Most people try to segue when they change the subject.

Trey [to Abe]

Lucas: I swear on my mother's life.
Trey: I'm sure she's a wonderful woman but that's not a viable defense.

Glenn: How's [Adam] doing?
Cruz: As far as listening, he's in the fight.

Harper: May we approach the bench?
Judge: It's not much of a bench, but sure.

Standing up in favor of ritualized abuse is one way to go.

Trey [to Abe]

I heard you got a Bronze Star, Marine. Maybe you can teach me.

Judge [to Harper]

[Matt's] sick. I worry.


The Code Quotes

Abe: Too bad we're lawyers. We don't pursue ideals. We pursue ...
Trey: Outcomes. Uh-hmm.

Abe: Pay attention, Rami. I've got a legitimate excuse today.
Rami: The clothes. It's got something to do with the clothes.