Morgan: I'm sorry I've been weird for a year. I really do care about you. I wish you and Heather the best.
Park: It's too late for that. I broke up with Heather last night.
Morgan: You did? Because you think you love me?
Park: I do.
Morgan: I think I love you too.

Morgan: I need a friend. I hadn't really given up on being a surgeon. PT was going great, no pain at all. It was really dumb because I like being an internist. I just hate failing. [Park laughs] This is funny?
Park: A little. I love seeing you vulnerable. Your face gets ugly.
Morgan: Shut up.
Park: You didn't fail. You never fail. For three years I've seen you kick ass at everything. You inspire me. And annoy me. Small price to pay.

I lost a good friend a year ago and then lost lots of patients to COVID, and it took me a long time to admit I had an issue. I was running from pain. In the future, I hope to do more running toward things than away from them.


There are three types of doctors who come down here The first care too much. It overwhelms them, all the people they can't save. The second group cares too little, which comes with its own problems. The third find a way to desensitize so they can do their jobs.

Shaun: Lea is sad and I don't know how to make her less sad. Do you?
Glassman: I don't think I'm the right person to ask about this right now.
Shaun: Why not?
Glassman: I don't think... I am flattered that you always ask me for advice and I hope you always will, but I've noticed that over the last few months, you need me less and less. It makes me think of what Steve said, that you're the smart one. You can do this. You're better than you think.

Lim: So how long has it been since you were back? [in the US]
Osma: We're getting to know each other? I thought this was just a fling.

Andrews: Maybe we should wait a few more minutes to see if the lights come back on.
Shaun: I do not think that's a good idea. I can feel the tumor under my fingers.
Andrews: Good work, Dr. Murphy.
[The lights come back on.]
Shaun: I guess maybe we could have waited.

Andrews: Maybe we should close her up and do this tomorrow.
Shaun: It would be fatal. Not to her, but to a patient down the line that we'd have to drop.

Lim: What?
Claire: You're smiling. [pause] Oh my God. YES!!! I approve.

This hurts so much and even looking at your blue eyes breaks my heart because I dreamed she would have them.


Claire: You know, it's okay not to be okay.
Lea: It's just, every time I think it's getting better, there it is again.
Claire: I know. It comes in waves.
Lea: It's a process. A terrible process.
Claire: I know. But you don't have to go through it alone. Shaun doesn't know, does he?
Lea: No. He's doing great and important work and I don't want to interfere with that. And he can't fix that.

Lim: What's going on over there?
Andrews: I'm getting my ass kicked in darts.
Lim: You're flirting.
Andrews: Just being nice.
Lim: Don't be so nice that you end up regretting it when you get home.

The Good Doctor Season 4 Quotes

Shaun: You have COVID-19. I can tell without a test, which is a good thing because we don't have any.
Man: But I can't smell. That's not a symptom.
Shaun: It is now.
Man: So I have COVID. Now what?
Shaun: Go home. There's no treatment. Rest, stay away from people, come back if you have trouble breathing. Goodbye.

Lea: Have you seen my ID badge?
Shaun: This wouldn't have happened if you had stayed over.
Lea: My ability to lose things has not changed since I lived here.
Shaun: If you had stayed over you wouldn't have had to come back here.
Lea: It's too soon.
Shaun: Why is it too soon?
Lea: We've only been together a few weeks.
Shaun: How many weeks are required before you can stay over?