Is it illegal to have bad judgment?


Raquel: What?
Connor: You're so beautiful.

Connor: Do you die at the end?
Raquel: Yes.
Connor: When do we start?

Nick: Back any better?
Sabrina: Yeah, I just really love this point of view.

Roxanne: Let me ask you something. Do you feel better?
Connor: I did. Until I opened my computer.
Roxanne: Then don't open your computer!

Nick: Who's your Nordic friend?
Abby: Nobody.
Nick: We share a wall.

If you want to help, leave. [Nick exhales.] Even your breathing is annoying!


Who's going to play my love interest? And don't say it's one of you two clowns.


If this is you looking bad, I'm a very lucky man.


What kind of self-respecting Canadian doesn't know how to skate?


Nothing is expensive when your life is at stake.


Kal: Thank you. For helping me.
Abby: I'm not helping you. I'm using you. I just want to make sure Tariq is okay.

The L.A. Complex Quotes

Abby: Filipinos 4:13.
Donald: It's Philippians. Not Filipinos.

Raquel: I hate nature.
Connor: You can't call this nature. There's a Coffee Bean like a hundred meters away.