Flynne: You can start talking, Reggie, or I can start cutting. Choice is yours.
Butcher: What do you think they'll do to me?
Wilf: Who?
Butcher: The neoprims.They don't muck around with something like this. Cut my tongue out they would.

Butcher: What will it be then?
Wilf: Toad in the hole, please.
Butcher: We don't carry that. There's a special pork today, that'd be my pick.
Wilf: That's a shame, I'm afraid we had our hearts set on toad in the hole. We've been assured it's your specialty.
Buther's Wife: You two look like a lovely young couple. You might want to be on your way before anyone gets hurt.

Flynne: Hey, how come everybody here just stays so distant from us. Is it like a health thing or something? What I mean is they never really wander close.
Wilf: Cause it's not real. It's an augmentation.

Ossian: The Metropolitan Police, Sir.
Lev: Policeman?
Ossian: An inspector.
Lev: Call my father's solicitors! Immediately!
Ossian: The phones have been disabled.
Wilf: Perhaps it might be prudent of me to slip out the back.
Ossian: She knows you're here, she mentioned you by name. How should I proceed, sir?
Lev: Well, let her in, for fuck's sake! It'll look incriminating if you make her wait.

Cherise: I've lived through more extremity than you could possibly imagine. It would crush your tiny little mind. So please, don't care to lecture me about pain.
Flynne: Oh, I don't want to lecture you. I just want to snap your fucking neck.

Cherise: How can I be of help?
Flynne: You mean besides not killing me and my family?
Cherise: Well, exactly, because that's rather non-negotiable.

Ella: The idea that the worst thing a person can do is grow dependent on some outsider. All they care about is taking something from your pocket and putting it in there's, and on a regular basis too.
Flynne: But we aren't paying them anything. They're the ones paying us.
Ella: That's what my uncle Charles must've thought when that loan money came in. They're giving me these drugs. What happens if I stop taking them?
Flynne: I don't know.
Ella: What happens if you stop paying Corbell Pickett?

Billy Ann: This wouldn't be one of those situations where you're looking at me and thinking I can't fix a car cause I'm a woman, would it?
Bob: No, ma'am. I can take one look at you and guess you'd know your way around an engine.
Billy Ann: I honestly can't tell if that's a compliment or an insult.
Bob: Oh I'd never waste an insult on a stranger, young lady. I save them up for friends and family.

Billy Ann: Did I or did I not explicitly tell you not to take any of that money.
Jasper: I didn't.
Billy Ann: So this just magically fucking showed up in your jacket pocket?

Excuse me. I just want to say you have the most extraordinary eyes. Seriously. I'd kill for eyes like that.


Wilf: We'll investigate the headset. We'll only ask you to return if it's safe. Give you my word.
Flynne: You and your word, huh?
Wilf: I mean it.
Flynne: The truth twice in one conversation. Careful now, Wilf, it might become a habit.

Lev: At the very least, you must guard yourself for the harsh reality of Aelita's death.
Wilf: Why?
Lev: Without the immunity boost of her implant, how long can she last?

The Peripheral Quotes

Flynne: Are those?
Wilf: Thylacine analogs. Though I believe you may call them something else.
Flynne: Tasmanian tigers. I saw them on a show once but they said that they were extinct.
Wilf: Well one of Lev's hobbies is recreating such things. From their DNA.

Burton: What's the sim about?
Flynne: Kidnapping? But that's definitely just the start!
Burton: You must've done something right because they want you back tomorrow and they just bumped up the money.