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2022's Villains We Love To Hate

2022's Villains We Love To Hate

These characters are evil, but they keep us glued to our screens. Check out the TV Fanatic staff's picks for the villains of 2022 we can't get enough of.
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The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Jackpot

The Peripheral Review: Jackpot

Flynne's health takes a turn for the worse, and she learns about the future on The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 4. Find out what happened between 2032 and 2099 here in our review!
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The Peripheral Quotes

Burton: What's the sim about?
Flynne: Kidnapping? But that's definitely just the start!
Burton: You must've done something right because they want you back tomorrow and they just bumped up the money.

Flynne: I need cash. Now.
Burton: How much?
Flynne: How much you got?
Burton: A thousand if I make it to the next level, which you could maybe help with!
Flynne: That's just one pill!
Burton: Which is one day, ain't it?