Conrad: What are you thinking about? 
Nic: I'm ready. Let's move in together.

Dr. Damn He's Hot can operate on me any day!


Irving: Traitor!
Devon: It's a rotation in the oncology service. Everyone does rotations.
Irving: Yeah, but it's breaking my heart to think of you in anything but eye-catching green scrubs.
Nurse Huntley: Owww. Babe magnet!

AJ: Speaking of me, I know who you are. There are photos of you in the email of the documents sent to me by the adoption agency. You are my egg donor's sperm donor.
Lamar: Biological father works just as well.
AJ: Ah the word father in any capacity is reserved for the man who raised me.

Don't push my buttons, or I will push back and decimate your buttons.


Lemar: Half your genes come from me, and I'm dying.
AJ: Make an appointment.
Lemar:  It's hereditary which means you might be dying too.

Adaku: I love her, but she's bossy.
Devon: I love her because she's bossy.
Mina: Never say that again.

Devon: Mina, don't scare her off too much. Let her enjoy being pregnant.
Mina: I have watched too many women, particularly women of color, be harmed because nobody else was looking out for them. You know that as well as I do.

I will do anything against any odds to stay with my kids for however I can. I won't give up. 


I'm in, but not because I agree. I'm going to make good and damn well sure that Dawn makes it off that table alive and wakes up to have as many days as possible with her children. 


Bell: What benefits the bottom line benefits everybody.
Nic: So now it's profits and publicity over patients?
Bell: Oh forget yourself. I care as much as you do about our patients everything I do, including publicity, is for profits and patients because you can't have one without the other. And by the way, I don't owe you an explanation

Biology is a huge bitch, man. I mean Lamar rolls up on me with my walk, my talk. I never met the man, but it's obvious we share DNA.