Bell: What are they looking for?
Lawyer: The more important thing is what are they going to find?

Kids are supposed to learn from their mistakes, not die from them.


If you go to rehab, I won't tell anyone, even Conrad. I will lie for you one last time, then I'm done.


AJ: I've talked to countless parents but now, it hits different, you know? My twins aren't even crawling, and I am terrified for them already.
Conrad: Nothing really prepared me for how different being a doctor felt after I had Gigi. I truly realized how fragile we are when I held my own flesh and blood in my arms.

Ian: I'm scared Kindcaid.
Cade: I know. Me too.

Betz: The truth is your hubby picked a fight with the wrong man. He tried to embarrass me, and I'm afraid that can't stand. I gotta make an example of it. So what I want is for Dr. Randolph Bell to lose his job, possibly his medical licensee and whatever shred of a reputation he enjoys.
Kit: The truth is governor, you miscalculated, because you think Randolph Bell is like you, vain, self-important, small-minded, hungry for money and power. But the thing about men like that, men like you, is that more than anything, they're afraid. Sad, really. But Randolph Bell is not afraid. Because he's not fighting for himself, he's fighting for what's right. You think that by attacking his reputation and likelihood it's going to make him back down, scare him away.