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  • Kit: Please, just postpone it. Bell: I don't scare that easily.
  • Marshall presents Bell with a lifetime of service award at Chastain that Kit presents to Bell directly.
  • Billy is at the event with James.
  • Conrad spots a man on the side and goes to tackle him when he gets close to Bell. The man serves Bell with papers.
  • Conrad asks Cade out on an official date to restaurant later after their shift
  • A young teen, Malik, comes in overdosing and they try to figure out what he took. They ask his friend Tali what he took.
  • Tali gets scared and takes off and Conrad finds her and talks to her.
  • Tali says that Malik got the drug from his older brother Amir who had injuries.
  • They find a fake percoset that was clearly laced with fentanyl.
  • Bell won't cancel the deposition and Kit knows that it's about the govenor.
  • Leela is nervous about the depositoin and them talking to her because she doesn't want anything to implicate that she or Bell did anything wrong when she knows they didn't.
  • Conrad uses Malik's phone to track Amir and finds him at the high school.They find two boys, one of them dead already, and another one Conrad saves. Conrad finds Amir  on the bleachers.
  • Bell's lawyer warns Bell that this isn't a normal deposition and they have to be ready for anything.
  • When deposing Devon the lawyer asks Devon about HODAD.
  • Marshall tells Kit that Bell should probably settle becuase if he loses the suit they all do.
  • Bell recognizes the surgiical tech and pieces together that he may have been a plant.
  • Malik wakes up and Conrad tells him about everyone who took the drug and how some died and his brother is still hanging on but Tali saved his life.
  • Ian is on the hunt for the pills that the kid used. Lee catches him and warns him about addiction
  • Bell agrees to settle but he learns that they refused a settlement.
  • Donald, the surgical tech, says that Bell showed signs of MS.
  • Marshall gives Kit Betz's number to call this whole thing off.
  • Ian calls Cade and he gives her the drugs he stole and says that he was going to use them.
  • Ian asks Cade to prescribe him his meds and help wean him off.
  • She tells him to go to rehab or she'll tell Kit.
  • Bell approaches Conrad about getting more prednosine because he's having a flare up and doesn't want to worry Kit.
  • Kit meets up with Betz to negotiate but ends up going off on him instead and walking away.
  • Everyone is still down in the dumps after the series of cases with the teens.
  • Kit tells Bell she met with the govenor
The Resident
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