I love you too, and I really do things can be different this time.


Marshall: Goodnight, son.
Conrad: Goodnight, dad.

Marshall: You may not believe this but I have no ill intent stating a saline factory.
Conrad: I believe it.
Marshall: I want to take the olive branch, but why?
Conrad: I want people to believe I changed, so I have to consider you changed too.

AJ: This might be our last dance, Okafor.
Mina: If Bell was going to fire you, it would have happened. So, not our last dance.

Conrad: You make me want to be a better person, that's why I love you.
Nic: I know that Conrad, and I know that you believe everything that you said.
Conrad: If this is going to work, I need you to believe that too.

The way that you handle things scares me.


So you bought a factory, with a much larger company just to keep me from winning.


They went through so much. Things change, I'm not sure people can.


Stick to what you know and leave the business of business to the big boys.


Pay attention Okafor, robots literally and figurately stand between me and the patient.


This miscarriage is not your fault. There is nothing anyone could have done. These things, they just happen.


Let's not forget who is the teacher and the student. Lesson for today, never underestimate the raptor.


The Resident Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I pulled the reviews on Chastain. Dr. Hawkins has five stars and Dr. Feldman only has four.

Patient's husband

I run a Level One trauma center and we can't get a bag of salt water.