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A couple comes into the hospital and the wife is sick. The husband eventually ends up with similar symptoms. Conard and Nic try to determine what is causing their issues, but the husband starts developing a rash leading the wife to believe he had an affair on their honeymoon. 

Conrad and NIc were eventually able to determine that the clay they used for their pottery is what led to their sickness and it manifests itself differently in men than women. He needs surgery. 

There are flashbacks to when Conrad and NIc first met. They battle over the pool table at their favorite hangout. They eventually start dating. 

Nic has a miscarriage that puts a strain on their relationship. Conrad also hasn't recovered from his time in Afghanistan and is aggressive and beats up a guy for making a move on Nic. 

Nic breaks up with him when she feels he is hiding his feelings from her and won't cope with their loss among other things. 

There is a saline shortage at the hospital. Marshall and Bell work together to figure out how to resolve it. Bell pads the board to have them agree with him, but Marshall finds ways to underhand Bell. 

Bell gives a speech at a conference to rally support, but Marshall buys a factory so they can produce their own saline. 

Bell is on AJ's case about using the Titian and threatens to fire him if he doesn't start using it. Mina tries to persuade AJ to use it. She assumes he doesn' know how, but he proves that he can. He just refuses. He stands up to Bell, and Bell doesn't do anything about it. 

AJ also has to treat a repeat patient who he treated before, but the faulty equipment that Julian gave them malfunctioned. Julian becomes defensive about it, and she lays into Devon a bit. 

She eventually apologizes and helps teach him how the dance, but it looks to intimate. Mina notices it and appears troubled by it. 

Nic has doubts as to whether or not Conrad changed. He reassures her that he has, and tells her that he loves her. She eventually believes that he has changed and says it back. 

Conrad talks to his father. They seem to make amends, for now. 



The Resident
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The Resident Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I pulled the reviews on Chastain. Dr. Hawkins has five stars and Dr. Feldman only has four.

Patient's husband

I run a Level One trauma center and we can't get a bag of salt water.